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    • Blocked drains
    • Hot water issues
    • Leaks or burst pipes

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    A Day in the Life of an Emergency Plumber in Gladesville

    When it comes to interesting occupations, one definitely has to include that of the emergency Bondi plumber. Every day presents a whole range of new challenges, and this was definitely confirmed recently when we took some time out to talk to one dedicated and special individual, Emergency Plumber Bondi, Stew).

    “I used to work in retail prior to getting my trade qualification as a plumber, and let me tell you. Nothing prepared me for the things I would see as a emergency plumber in Bondi,” said Stew. “When you are dealing with people who are facing plumbing emergencies, you’re dealing with people who are facing significant stress – far greater than any customer you’d deal with in retail!”

    One particular Bondi plumbing emergency concerned a young entrepreneur who had just secured a lease on a very nice commercial office, overlooking spectacular Bondi Beach.

    “It was day one of this particular guy’s life in his own office with staff,” says Bondi emergency plumber, Stew. “He was about to welcome his team of 10 staff to his office for their very first day of work. But upon walking through the doors, he heard the sound of water under his feet. Now that’s okay when you’re in the surf across the road – but not when you’re walking into your brand new, carpeted office and about to expect your staff in just a few hours!”

    This guy was in urgent need of emergency plumbing in Bondi, so when Jess got the call out for this particular job, he made him a priority.

    “Making the customer a priority is the right thing to do – regardless of what industry you’re in,” says Stew. “And when it comes to plumbing emergencies, making the customer a priority and going the extra mile really makes a difference. We got out to this guy’s office within an hour and discovered the culprit: a leaking toilet. It had made a huge mess of the office, and sadly, this client had to call his staff and tell them to stay home for the day, to make way for the carpet cleaners!”

    This particular emergency plumbing job took little more than two hours to fix, and to go the extra mile for this customer, Stew recommended a carpet cleaning professional who was able to come out to the premises in two hours and get the office back to operational – in time for the next day!

    “I always personally like to go the extra mile for my plumbing emergency customers,” says Stew of Plumbing Bondi “It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is either. I’m a 24 hour emergency plumber and I help people at any hour in Bondi, Waverley, Bronte, Tamarama, Bondi Beach, North Bondi, Bondi Junction and the Eastern Suburbs. We provide a full emergency plumber service to all of these areasand take care of everything from hot water systems, blocked drains and gas repairs through to burst pipes, leaking toilets and leaking taps.”

    So call the 24 hour emergency plumber in Bondi today! Give us a call to tend to your Bondi plumbing emergency – no matter the hour. Call us on 0488 886 254 and who knows? You may just find that it’s Stew who arrives on your doorstep to go the extra mile for you!

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