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    Hot Water Service Gladesville

    Gyms have had their good and bad fortunes over the years and it was important for independent gyms to keep up with the plethora of gym franchises. Grace and Scott had run their gym in Gladesville since the boom in the 1980’s. They had a loyal membership base but they had to work hard to keep people coming back.

    There had been spikes in public interest over the years that meant managing their money. There was the 80’s fitness craze, then the late 90’s leading into the Sydney Olympics and the current fitness craze that seems to be longer lasting this time.

    They had saved as much as they could and it was time to give the gym one of its biggest makeovers yet. They had worked on the main exercise area and also renovating the bathroom facilities for members. It was hard to know what the next trend in exercise would be so they often had to change their business plan to suit.They had hired a new fitness instructor who had trained in American Gyms hoping to bring some new ideas to their regular classes.

    They also needed to replace the Gladesville Hot Water Systems and they called Your Neighbourhood Plumber Gladesville for some advice. The plumber inspected the gym and was able to offer several suggestions. One option would be to install a solar hot water system. The other options would be to replace the old electric hot water systems with gas hot water systems. The plumber quoted Grace and Scott with the variety of options and they decided on the
    gas hot water systems to ensure the members had the best facilities in the area.

    The plumber installed the two new gas hot water systems and ran pipes for the new gas supply. The units were neatly installed at the side of the building and fitted with tempering valves to ensure none of the members or children from the kiddy gym were scalded.

    Call 0488 886 254 today and organise your local Plumber Gladesville for advice on your hot water system.

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