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    Plumber Gladesville Pipe Relining

    The growth of tree roots inside earthenware pipes is the primary cause of sewer clogs in Australia. These pipes have been used for decades making them more vulnerable to root intrusion. It is a common problem that is costing a lot of money among homeowners.

    Traditional methods of repairing sewer pipes involve excavation which can be disruptive to your property. However, pipe relining is emerging as a great alternative to traditional methods.

    Pipe relining is a trenchless process wherein a new pipe made of polyester and fibreglass cloth is formed on the interior of existing pipes. Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is the most commonly used pipe relining method which was first implemented by agricultural engineer and inventor Eric Wood in 1971.

    Step 1. Initial Cleaning – Damaged pipes are partially cleaned using a hydro-jetting machine to prepare them for video inspection.

    Step 2. Video Inspection – A CCTV drain camera is used to assess the damage and to identify the cause of sewer clogs. This will determine if pipe relining is suitable for your problem. The drain camera can also be used to measure the damaged section for accurate liner length.

    Step 3. Complete Cleaning – Once you agree to proceed with pipe relining, high water pressure blasting will be performed again to completely clean the damaged pipe. A clean surface will enhance the bonding between the damaged pipe and the lining material.

    Step 4. Coating – Following the cleaning process, the lining material is inverted onto the damaged pipe using a machine called an air inverter, commonly known as the shooter. The liner is cured for a couple of hours depending on the diameter of the damaged pipe. For larger pipes, steam or hot air will be used during the curing process.

    Step 5. Re-assessment – A video inspection will be conducted again for quality control purposes. This will ensure that the liner has been properly bonded to the damaged pipe.

    Why is Pipe Relining a Viable Option for You?

    • Little to no disruption as excavation is not required.
    • No need to restore your landscape since pipe relining is a ‘no-dig’ solution, thereby minimising you costs
    • This trenchless rehabilitation method is a quicker process which can be completed in within a day.
    • Since relined pipes are joint-less, it gives you 100% protection from root tree intrusion.
    • The lining material can extend the life span of your pipes by up to 50 years.
    • The strength of the liner eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

    What pipes can be relined?

    Broken, cracked, bent or misaligned sewer lines are the usual indication that your pipes need to be relined. These pipes include vitreous clay pipes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), cast iron and concrete pipes. We can reline pipes with different sizes ranging from 40 millimetres to 600 millimetres.

    Pipe relining is a long-term solution to your sewer problems. Get help now from the leading experts in pipe relining. Call us on 0488 886 254 and see how Plumber Gladesville can restore your sewer pipes with our world-class drain repair service.

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